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However, at some point during the session usually the latter half , you will be asked to flip over and they will ask you what kind of services you want. Some provide additional services for an extra charge ie. These charges go directly to the service provider and not the owner.

Therefore, a portion of the "tips" they make go into the pocket of the devious owners in China to pay down the "loan". You may have noticed these spas are usually situated next to foreign exchange teaching centres. These allow the providers to stay in Canada for a much longer period and not kicked back out to China.

In the times I've been up there, it looks fairly well cleaned but still very well a prison. I don't have videos of these areas unfortunately as it would have been too obvious. I won't name her here directly, but she does show up in my videos. This female owner used to provide services herself but has since stopped and just collects the room fee money from each of these spas every day. These are those semi-hidden cop cars that have the transparent logos.

They really only work as a deterrent when they are around, nothing else. However, they also provide prostitution services outside of their regular spa working hours from various condos mostly from the ones on Highway 7 and Warden. Requesting a receipt is an extra charge on top of the room fee. For the ones that have Facebook, I have found a large portion of them are married with children. But I have an inkling feeling at least a few were.

I told them in their native language, I speak both Cantonese and Mandarin that I don't do extra services "anymore" due to a medical reason but that I still enjoy sexual talk during the massage ie. If I didn't do this, it would raise suspicion as to who or what I was doing. Ever since then, I have visited nearly times gathering information and befriending many of them though, a large portion of them have already moved back to China but I still have their WeChat handles.

The incriminating recordings are when they provide me their "menu" of services, I falsely "accept", but change my mind as soon as they start touching me. That is where I switch over to asking to "chat" instead but pay the same amount. One time I was told to sort through a bundle of slips to look for mine and the owner leaves the room to take a phone call. I quickly pointed my jacket camera at the pile and go through them one by one getting them on camera.

I was tempted to collect samples but I thought doing that would be going too far. I would like to somehow proceed forward with this investigation information by providing all of this to the media. However, I'm not sure how I can safely do this as I fear for my safety should word get out that I'm the "snitch". Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to put an end to this unspoken criminal activity taking place right underneath our noses?

I believe that all the videos, audio, and documents I have are sufficient evidence to effectively wipe out all the things going on around that area and a few others. OP - Leave This Alone. The police are aware of this and the ball is in their court. I did legitimate business with some of these characters years ago. To call them dangerous is an understatement. You may be putting the safety of you and your family in jeopardy.

These are not people to be trifled with. Well here's something you may not have considered. Law enforcement may be gathering much more evidence and may be preparing a case for these types of businesses already. These things usually tie into HUGE networks involving multiple key persons. Sure if you send this to the media there might be a crackdown, but there might be many things that you could have closed the opportunity for the police. My advice is to go to the police with this info.

Provide it to them. Let them do their job. So before you move forward with anything, get a lawyer, contact law enforcement, and prepare everything carefully. I know what you want for the women and the owners. What outcome would let you move onto the next chapter of your life?

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I told them in their native language, I speak both Cantonese and Mandarin that I don't do extra services "anymore" due to a medical reason but that I still enjoy sexual talk during the massage ie. I have silky dark hair, and my skin is silky smooth to the touch, complemented by the curvy litt My name is Sophia, I'm a gorgeous party girl. I am a PARTY girl with natural brunette, brown cat-like eyes, soft skin, slight curves and long lean legs. Gorgeous Milf white irish French mature with long black hair and green eyes great shape and fit hh Leslie and hwy 7 Party friendly Lets have sexy fun. Premium Account Homepages App: If I were you, I'd make the complaint to the cops and the city and leave it alone.