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Anyway, when I arrived at the parlor, escorts nenagh a converted garage appartment behind the old business that is for sale. This is all I could find with quick research. Well worth a hello. Just met one of them and fucked female escorts in alpena mi throat until she puked. Dearborn Heights Personal Ads. Does anyone have any info on the redhead who goes by Wendy?
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I am a very sweet, easy going university student who would be perfect escort france long-time or just short-time fun if you want a quickie. Archived from the original on August 11, 2010. Female escorts in alpena mi should keep in mind that the expensive high class night clubs has tons of gorgeous girls partying and looking for guys.

Believe it or not but there are lots of dating hookup networks that don't require any investments.

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No beer because it is a nude club. Okay, lame question about slim chances, I know. Will be visiting Petoskey-Harbor Springs this weekend. Any bars around there good for pulling women? Assuming no other pay-to-play action. Casino night club a possibility? Yeah, don't think there's much, though others might know more. You should try Traverse City, though.

It's not that far away. Sometimes BP or CL action there and isn't there a strip club there? Hey all first time poster, Northern Mi. Gets pretty slow in the winter. There are a couple local girls on other boards that are pretty easy to find but will be hit and miss this time of year although we do get some good visiting talent in the summer.

As for strip clubs I haven't been to crossroads for years and there were no extras then and being local I probably would have heard something, Fantasy's I haven't been to and have heard nothing. There has not been a massage parlor here since the early 90s and it was a short lived AMP. The powers that be in Traverse City are living in the dark ages as hooters had a rough time even getting in this town. There is action to be found but you must seek diligently.

If any senior members want to pm me I will share info on a couple reliables I know of. Best advice I can give, if your not from here don't make a special mongering trip here as it will probably waste your time.

Stopped by Gentlemen It was early and I was the only guy there, except for a local that wandered in and out. Very varied talent on the stage. No topless, much less nude. Not a bad deal. I say "private" cause you're out there in the open, just on a couch. I have to drive 35 mins to get to and 65 mins to get to Deja Vu. Guess I'll be heading east rather than north in the future.

Hi, do my mongering in Kalamazoo area, have a weekend cabin at Houghton Lake, any action up there, or is Mt Pleasant the closest action. Sure would like to find a reliable go to, for the Houghton Lake area. I posted a little while back about the 8ball lounge in the strip club section. Neither of us were impressed with the talent, and were never approached by any girls. Really a bad experience for her first SC trip. I was counting on her having a good time so she would want to go again.

This area seems very dead. There has to be something up here. I haven't even found a legit massage woman around here. Anyone have any ino on Miley: I was in Traverse City for a little gambling. I tried to hook up with a BP provider that insisted she wouldn't take cash from a new client.

She wanted a pre paid card. I bought the pre paid card and contacted her for the rm at a major hotel chain. Before she'd give me the rm she wanted me to send her pics of the front and back of the preloaded card.

I did so but left on the sticker covering the card. She then wanted me to remove the sticker and send pic. I still have the card and will cash it my self tomorrow. The post on BP is down now but she posted as Tina and 9 zero3 7 zero3 Beware that there are b!

I doubt she was even in TC. I was needing some but knew I'd really get screwed if I sent the pics with the numbers exposed. Just another scam that I wanted to make known. TC is hurting for providers at certain times. If anyone has any good private stock in TC please PM me. I get over that way every now and then.

It's easier for me to partake when I'm on the road. Anyone seen or have any info on this one? She's in a very nice condo in Manistee, easy to find. It seems she's new to the area, but doesn't do outcalls. The pics on her ad are real, and she emailed me another, they are all her. Very friendly and rates are about what you'd expect, really a bargain for this area considering there's not much else to choose from. She's really fit and energetic for a MILF-type. Standard rulebook, no kissing or anal, fine with me.

I was happy with hh appointment but she offers hr too. I thought I'd put this up since there's so few options around here and she's incredibly sweet and exactly what I like for body type and looks.

Hopefully if we treat her right she'll stay around for awhile! A couple months ago I answered an ad on CL saying "home alone taking care of men's needs in west branch".

Got a which response with some pics. After a few emails I was given a to text. I said I was interested and was given an Addy to a nice residence near West Branch. I knew the location so I scouted it out a bit and figured it was legit.

Knocked on the door and was greeted by what seemed to be the hot mom in the neighborhood in yoga pants and a tank top. The minute I walked in the door she ripped off the shirt and greeted me with a warm hug and some dfk. At this point I felt quite comfortable. She grabbed my hand and led me thru a very clean house to the master bedroom. The room was a little messy and there was men's clothes laying around which made it feel a bit more dirty but good. After more dfk and mutual groping she asked me if I brought anything.

I said no so she says you must be looking for the. She sat me down on the bed, turned on some music and did a little strip tease. After she got all of her clothes off she told me she used to work at centerfolds in Detroit and climbed on my lap for about a song worth of lap dance with a lot of roaming and more dfk. She then grabbed my hands and stood me up and seductively stripped me down.

A little more lap dance and then she dropped to her knees and did an amazing tongue bath of my complete neither region. After a few minutes of this she starts BBBJ while climbing up close to I stopped her cause I wasn't into that but would rather play with my hands. During an amazing DT sensual performance with bls I engaged in some fiv and fib as she nutted over and over. After awhile of this she could tell I was getting close so she asked me how I wanted to finish.

I said you finish me cof and she did with great eye contact and awesome begging for the finish. She then collected it all in her mouth, gargled it, and spit it on them gs?

Rubbed it around for a bit and licked it all up and swallowed it. She helped dress me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "you got my number, tell your friends". This girl offers a full menu including Greek. Anyone want the digits pm me. Anyone else try her out? Looks like she is in TC now. Kinda curious as well.

I'll be up that way early next week and the options are slim. What gave you the impression that she was is in TC? Her ad mentions Manistee a couple places, unless the ad has been updated? I get up north once or twice a month and am curious as well! Last week her ad said she was going to TC and she sent me a message she was moving if I wanted to try her before she left.

I've been watching and haven't seem any west branch ads up, is she a part time sp? Or if you could pm me contact info, I'm near west branch a few times every month. I was about to say the same thing. I would love the contact info. Going there this weekend and will be driving right by West Branch. She hasn't posted on CL for a few months now. She is more utr. I gave digits to a few senior members and they are trying to set something up.

I haven't been mongering in awhile so when I get a confirmation they hooked up I will pass on digits to more of you guys. I recently found this one thru CL. She says she is in Gaylord and is asking a see note for the hr. Has anyone had a dream of her? Says her name is Julie. Knew it was too good to be true.

I texted her and she lives in Detroit. Yes, seemed a little fishy to me too. I messaged Lost for the digits and never heard a thing back. Found myself a new friend in Cadillac who is willing to travel.

Menu is full except for kissing, anal, and no swallow. She is 22, and pretty new to the hobby and wants some regulars that would like to meet an awesome utr provider. Pm me for digits. She is looking to play today. Ill all in XXX For your first post I cannot understand what you are trying to say. Try to be more informative next post. By PM, you sent me her digits. I appreciate it but it seems to be a different girl. In fact, it looks like Destiny in Cadilac.

Her picture matches one in a post here. I saw her a couple months ago and she was great but her number no longer works.

I'll be heading up that way soon and was hoping to hook up again! Guys I am hoping somebody has some intel on this one: She was very accomodating, but she looks a bit rough and her place is pretty awful. Don't think I'd repeat, which sucks because there is fuck all available around here.

Saw her the other day. She had posts up in February for the same area. I contacted her and she was asking quite a bit more than now, and got an attitude whe I asked about a lower rate. Her prices are lower now, but with the reports I have heard about her I probably won't unless she comes down some more.

Be nice if there was some better options in the area now and then. Not a big fan of outcall, though. If you check it out, let us know. I'm bummed I missed that Destiny chick. So I met this girl for the first time the other day. She's a very pretty girl, has some baby damage as I guess it's called on here, but I was pretty satisfied with the whole thing. Apparently she comes up and visits every couple weeks or so, she has some reviews on the Kalamazoo board. She is suppose to let me know next time she comes up, I'll pm you her number if she does.

She said she has trouble keeping her ads up. She shows up on that skip the games website, can we post links to other websites on here? Hey guys I will be in Manistee on Wednesday night and I'm hoping to find a little company while I'm there. I will be staying in a hotel. Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to be in Mackinaw City this Sunday 27th afternoon and evening and wondered if there is any talent up in that area at all?

I have been seeing a real gem up here in tawas. Her name is nikki, about 36 yrs. Very sexy and pretty good at her job. She offers body rubs and menu is open except for anal. The only reason I am posting this is she needs more help to pay her bills. If you interested, send me a pm and at least have contributed to this forum.

Hopefully you have something to trade. If I trust you, I will send you her email addr and you can contact her on your own. I am only trying to help her out. Believe me I wanted to keep her under the radar. Tried to attach her pic I got in the email but cannot seem to copy it to the forum. Getting lots of responses to my post. Let me make one thing clear. If you have not contributed to the forum, don't waste our times. I will only give her info to members who have good standings.

I have had several members who have 0 posts reply! Not taking any risks with her safety. Anyone have any luck up here? I've been driving to GR. Saw that Ivy girl the other day, she was a pretty damn good time. Tried to get some info from this chick the other day. Got fed up and quit trying. There is a girl from Cedar Springs that's been posting once in a while but never when I have money to spend.

I've seen ivy before she is really great as for fawn I saw her once and was horrible tryed to say she only does BJ till I started to walk out with the money and changed her tune not bad looking nice ass but could tell she just wanted the money saw Kat in Manistee she was okay no why Kara was better but seemed strung out and place smelled of Sara is the best in Manistee when she posts but needs more than a love seat to work on.

Sara's place was just too rough for me. And she just looks too rough man, her body's not bad, but she just looks rough. Kat looks too old for me.

Kinda curious about this one though. Sara's place is rough. Wouldn't mind spending some time with her in a motel. I've seen her twice and won't repeat unless she expands her menu of finds a better place to play. I hope things work out and I can see her next week. I saw Jae last week in TC she was easy to set up with typical 2 call deal. She was at a real nice place on the bay.

She posts alot up north but is almost always outcall because she says she needs more clients to help pay for the stay. She is a little curvy in the hips, but has beautiful perky tits. Try her out guys we need her around more for incalls up here pickins are too slim. I saw Luscious a couple times last summer while she was in TC, very easy 2 call setup, she was located at a nice motel on the bay both times. If you don't like a little meat on the bones save your money, otherwise go for it, happy hunting, and be safe shoeman Damn forgot her link, so here it is.

Does anyone have any intel on this provider. I may be up that way in a few weeks. She looks very fit and I was really wanting to know what's on the menu. She was very hands off and I won't repeat.

I saw her last summer, incall at nasty Acme motel. Motor City, Thanks for that info. I'll cross her off my list. I dreamed of Kat a short while ago, the setup was easy two call, she was located in some condos, a beautiful safe environment, she has a smoking body, and is great to look at, but she's very mechanical, allows hardly any touching, and just not real customer friendly, she just wanted to do the service and be done.

I prob won't repeat happy hunting and be safe. New girl in west branch. I'm not even from the area but had to look at your artwork! I thought she had a runny nose. I guess I'll scratch Kat off my list. TY for the report. So, I saw this young lady today. She is up with Kara staying in Manistee right now. I have to tell you, she is gorgeous, petite, and a whole lot of fun. Everything covered, but it was not a problem for me. Duos available as well, but that was more than what I wanted to spend and Candi ia more my type anyway.

I highly recommend, it was nice to have a short drive to have this quality of an experience instead of going to GR. They will be in town for a few days from what understand. Make it worth their while guys! No kissing, no DATY.

Nice lady to talk to but limited menu. So I saw Jessika today in TC. Had seen her posts in the GR section of BP a couple times but hadn't seen any reviews. Decided to check it out, price was right. At a nice hotel on the outskirts. Easy to set up, Nice body, pictures are accurate. She was a little quiet at first but warmed up nicely, seemed to have fun which always makes it better for me. I think she is in town for tonight and maybe tomorrow, got the impression she travels a lot.

Very professional, very nice when I got her talking. Hi All, Will be in area this weekend and looking for a recommendation. From the guys that know the area. Been searching area seems slow. Heard about a girl in gaylord,callie, any info?

Thanks for the help. Anyone have any info on Kayla? She didn't post a and I tried to contact her through BP message with out any response. She posted she is working the Tawas area. You have good tastes! I have also attempted contact through BP. Anyone else with luck? Hoping to have a date with Jae tonight. I've read one positive review. Any last minute comments?

I'll post a review if our date comes true. Bubba, I just saw her BP profile. Yes, please post your dream! Had my dream with Jae the other night. She was easy to get a hold of and very prompt with texting back. Jae arrived ahead of schedule and called to see if I was ready. After a few minutes in the jacuzzi, we got down to business. Everything covered, no exceptions. Greek not on the menu. She is a hard working girl who spent over an hour in various position to satisfy my craving.

The travel charge makes her pricey and for that reason only, I may not repeat. She really is a sweet girl. Be nice to her and she'll be nice to you. I contacted Jae also, and very prompt on text back. Slim pickings will be even more slim. Very nice young lady. On the plus side she knows a thing or two about basketball and watched part of a Spartan game with me.

She's good looking, a good kisser and likes to cuddle and grope! AND, she managed to get this year-old geezer to pop twice!

Strangely, after I unloaded she took off the hat, tied a knot in it and popped it into her bag! She said it was to prove to her sister that she's actually used protection.

Invited Jessika to my place earlier this month. That would freak me out. Saw this young lady today in Manistee. What you don't see in the pictures is she is a very pretty, short haired girl with a huge smile. Seems to be kinda new to the business, but was very nice and I had a very good time. Little bit of baby damage on the belly and tits, but overall very firm girl with a very nice ass.

Fairly easy set up though the fog screwed things up a bit last night and had to wait til today to see her as I didn't want to drive last night after I got out and started heading her way. She was cool about it though, and we rescheduled for today. I would recommend, as I've said before, we need to make it worth while for these girls to come visit so we have some variety up this way.

Seems that condo if it is the one I am thinking has been fairly popular with a hsndful of providers. Makes you wonder how the whole thing is set up. Anyways, as far as Jaz, what were damages for your time? Sent you a pm. I know I've reviewed her before but had such a great time today I felt I should do another one.

She sure knows what she's doing. Nice solid build, face is a bit plain but not unattractive. Great ass, really gets into, wish she was around more often. Just looking to see if Jen is worth the time. I noticed that on BP too. Damn, I was thinking of giving Jen a try. Just goes to show we can't be too careful. I thought of this as well, really posted that more to see what would be said. I was curious if somebody was going to defend her. After a little back and forth on email and text I finally made the drive to Tawas about 2.

Turned out that this young lady had a neighbor who also likes to play for pay. We spent about 3 hours playing around in our birthday suits, the second lady finally went home and I spent the night with the first. UTR, kinda regular babes, a little chunky but not bad looking, excellent head from the first girl. I'the guess it wasn't meth they didn't have any change in demeanor after smoking. Oh well, nobody's perfect. Probably won't repeat though long drive and, "What were they smoking?

This seems to go along with some previous posts. Just met one of them and fucked her throat until she puked. Which one did you see, the smaller red haired girl or the bigger dark haired one? Smaller red head girl. She says the other one is a better fuck but she can deepthroat and suck cock like a champ better than the other one.

Proved her wrong on the deepthroat LOL. Can you hook me up with some info please. Do they play together? So I saw Kara today. Pics are her, services are covered, very enthusiastic, I had a good time. In call is a house, and there are people there, not anyone to be worried about but I know some people get freaked out about that sort of thing.

Even the BJ is covered?? Yep, I haven't had much luck with bb service up here other than that scary Sara over in Manistee which is probably not a good idea to partake in. Managed to finally get a real picture out of her, was far from being the girls in the ads.

Wanted way too much money. My guess is that they are all pretty average looking. I think TC hotels are pretty hot right now, I don't know that I would do an in-call there.

Word is that several of the hotels are actively cooperating with LE. I have been a lurker for years and rarely post but had to say something about Lana she is exactly what she shows in her pics not a super model but still nice very friendly she took me to her room I got comfortable and she got to her panties nice body starting to say but very soft and smelled great she had fake but were soft enough to play with not hard bowling balls she cuddled up and kissed with enthusiasm she went down first then me next and she squirmed and moaned so much I thought she was going to fall off the bed after she had her release it was my turn to put a hat on climb on top and goto town while she tighten her legs so I couldn't get away we were both so exhausted after that I just layed on her feeling her throbbing till I finnaly got off staggered to the bathroom to clean up it was the best I've had in a while so I went back for seconds today and it was just as good hope she comes back to town soon but not to soon or I'll be broke.

Forgot the link from my post so here it is. Based on your report I booked a half hour with Lana. Had a great time. She is truly orgasmic. She was having so much fun she never looked at the clock. I got over 45 minutes of her time and maybe could have had more but I had to go. Hoping to repeat soon. Hey guys, I'm in Gaylord tonight and thinking about getting together with Mya. If it's the MYA from the Flint area she's very clean and good. I would recommend her ok. Not a spinner so you know ok but tasty kitty.

There used to be a Mya that danced at Teasers that was from the Gaylord area. Nice looking lady if it is the same one. Been seeing this girl lately, young. She's semi under the radar, anyone interested PM me, I will answer those that have at least a review or two.

No longer in touch with this girl, she seems to have retired for now. Nope, but the one link is already gone. The other one looks pretty nice, so keep us posted if you try it out and let us know how it goes.

I was away for a while, and was looking forward to a great idea today to celebrate and you burst my bubble! Keep us posted if you have any more secret stashes in the area! Saw this young lady tonight. Like Christine, all services covered. Doing duos but they don't interact much so I just went with the spinner. Wanted to pass along, hopefully she didn't pass this along.

It's not something her heard, or something some other hooker told him. It's a legitimate news source reporting a story of a professional sex worker who has been tested and confirmed to be HIV positive yet continuing to work. This girl seems to like to play games.

I tried to see her two different times when I was up that way within the last month. Things were confirmed, she had me drive all the way over there, gave me general directions and then nothing! Two different days wasted on this one.

Here's a link to this Becky character. There have been a lot of girls positng up this way that seem shady to me of late Especially using fake pictures. All of the AA girls with the out of state numbers are using fakes, and I have been able to get real pics out of them eventually to find that they looked pretty fat and unattractive. Has a pretty serious mustache. Nothing at all like the pics. I talked to for a while, asked her to send me a selfie already knew the ad pics were fake and she sends me a pics of a blonde in a car that a first I thought was legit but double checked and it wasn't.

Called her out on it and told her to get lost. Shit sucks up north, lotta scandalous lying hoes up here guys, be careful Like I said, I have to give Paris credit for at least being on the up and up. Thanks for the info Bud! I wish that Paris girl had incall. So, sounds like she doesn't offer BBBJ? And I didn't tip, LOL. Don't know about daty, didn't try. Hey everyone, I'm new to both the P2 P and this site.

Any recommendations for a new? Advice on how to approach responding to an ad? Is BP the only site to use and how do I avoid a setup? Sorry if these are dumb questions. Also been reading some older posts and one caught my attention, the two from Tawas.

Never seen an ad. Any info and are either of them worth the drive from chums area in TC? So I actually saw one of these Milwaukee girls that keep coming up here to northern Michigan tonight.

Texted back and forth with her for a while, she sent me a face pic and told me her posted pics were real, which after seeing her I believe, but I think they are a couple years old. Body is still pretty good, tits are a little saggy. Drove an hour to see me, did hhr for 1. Overall not bad, She did have a driver but he seemed pretty laid back, stayed in the car and caused no fuss. With all the fake bullshit that's being posted lately, at least she was legit. That Paris girl probably lives down the street from you LOL.

See she has Gaylord and TC listed, and that covers a pretty wide area. Thinking of tofftt, cannot find any reviews on her. I haven't taken a dip with this one. Let us know if you do. At my age I prefer spending time with providers who are over Her pics come up clean on TinEye and Google. Welcome to our group of NMI mongers Kodiak.

Thanks for the Welcome SG. I look forward to becoming part of the group. I will give as much info as I take. Us mongers have to be careful these days.

One thing no one has ever asked me to do before is send them a photo as the screening process. Has anyone heard of this? Don't want to send my photo to the five o. Definitely slim pickings up here in the tip of the mitt but before I dream want this one just want to be sure I am not heading down the wrong path.

I've seen that request for a photo in somebody's ad lately. Personally I wouldn't send a photo but I might try to find out why one would be needed? Is she just making sure you aren't overweight? Enquiring minds would like to know?? Greetings, Well, I asked her. She said, cops don't send pictures because it will blows their cover.

Next, outcall, when she arrives, the guy answering the door better to be the same guy making the appointment and supplying his photo or she gone. Most guy don't call a provider unless there is a photo, so, what is the difference?

Send your photo, it not against the law. And, you prove you are not a cop. The lady is smart. She took my breath away too. Anything recent on Lana? Just that she's advertising in TC now. It's a longer drive for me than Manistee so I haven't had time to see her there.

I know it has come up a few times that there isn't much between Muskegon and TC. Saw this one posted. Got a pic from her and she seems a bit bigger and no beauty queen but the prices were surprisingly reasonable to make up for it. I am stuck working in up in the tip of the mitt a little longer or I'd be trying her out soon. Anyways, just passing it on and if anyone tries her soon hopefully they will report. Otherwise I will post if she is still around when I make it back to that are.

Hs anyone in the Roscommon area tried this out? I've seen the warning about glory holes and would generally agree, but I have had a couple of great glory hole experiences. Not sure I'd try without a recommendation from one of you mongers. Roscommon is a long drive for me. Has anyone tried Kayla?

She is posting Saginaw Backpage for Tawas Oscoda. She does interest me so I'm looking for info. I'm still not sure about her. I had some phone contact. Has anyone seen her in Tawas? She has posted before on N. She takes her posts down after a day or two. It would be nice to have a provider on the NE side of the state. I finally took a nap and had a daydream of Kayla. She is a nice option for the NE part of the state. Nice GFE experience if only in a dream.

Her organizational, and communication skills could be a lot better. I was beginning to think the dream may never take place. Patience and persistence was needed. I think she is in the process of moving and maybe things will smooth out.

I'd repeat but I'm semi retired from mongering. I'd have to say she is the best option for the area she posts. She is also very clean and responsive. YMMVI might be up that way next week. I notice her ad says she only does 15 and 30 min appointments.

What was her rate? I might be up that way next week. She doesn't have any minutes on phone and can only text. Not the easiest to to set up with.

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