Mormon dating ideas

Be a kid again. Use a fondue pot or slow cooker and dip fresh fruit, cake, cookies, marshmallows, and pretzels in melted chocolate. Teach the group how to play your favorite sport, and then take a mormon dating ideas being the student and learn from everyone else. Mormon dating ideas taking dance, pottery, or cooking lessons together. Set out new st louis escorts discover what draws tourists to your town. Swing on the swings, play Frisbee, or feed the ducks. Tour a local art museum.
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Split into teams and go on a walk along a trail. Pick up any garbage you see and, at the end, give prizes for the strangest objects you find. Make assignments within your group for games, snacks, and entertainment for the kids.

Go on a nature hike and learn about the plants and wildlife that you see along the way. Or, you can try an early morning hike. Pick a nice spot, bring along a picnic breakfast, and watch the sun rise. Take a turn being bookworms. Go to a local library or bookstore and browse through the books. Or look for the most interesting title, or the funniest chapter.

Find a play that everyone is interested in, assign roles, and let the play begin! Does your school have free music concerts? Do you have friends who play sports? Go support them at a sporting activity. Show your spirit by wearing their colors. Learn how to swing, ballroom, or country dance and then show off your steps to your friends. Or, get in a group and learn a fun dance routine together. Find a poetry reading to attend, or create your own with food, friends, and your favorite poetic stanzas.

Have a photo scavenger hunt or see who can get the most interesting shots of the same subject. Write a song or work on an original melody together. Or try writing a new verse to one of your favorite songs. Have an art date. Make sculptures out of play dough, paint rocks, decorate or tie-dye shirts, or finger paint. Have a starry, starry night. Study some astronomy, go to a planetarium, go stargazing, and make star-shaped cookies. Ever tried creating an outfit out of newspaper?

Collect some bundles of newspaper, get a group together, make costumes, and have a fashion show to see what kinds of outrageous creations you can come up with. For something out of the ordinary, have a formal dinner in the park instead of in a fancy restaurant. Make them as elaborate as you can and then have passersby or some friends judge your creations. Photographs by Steve Bunderson.

Educational Inexpensive Have you ever toured your own city? Educational Athletic Free Take turns sharing your sporting skills. Artistic Free Borrow a video camera and make a movie with props that you find around the house.

Service Food Free Go on an ingredient scavenger hunt. Athletic Free Be a kid again. Educational Artistic Inexpensive Sign up for a one-day class at a local arts center and spend some time learning about photography, pottery, painting, or something else. Educational Artistic Inexpensive Tour a local art museum. Service Free Want a great date? Athletic Free Switch up the seasons. Service Free Make a date out of giving a date.

Athletic Free Have a nice afternoon in a local park. Educational Inexpensive Try an afternoon as a thrifty spender. Athletic More expensive Go to a local amusement park or carnival where you can play in the batting cages, ride go-karts, play miniature golf, and play appropriate arcade games. Food Inexpensive Try going out at a different time of day. Food More expensive Take fast food by storm and have a progressive meal. Educational Food Inexpensive Take a world tour from your table. Athletic Free If you have a park or large open field nearby, set up an obstacle course and have a tournament.

Athletic Free Play sports together. Service More expensive Buy some flats of flowers, plant them in beautiful arrangements in planter boxes, and give them to people in your neighborhood. Service Athletic Free Split into teams and go on a walk along a trail. Educational Inexpensive Go on a nature hike and learn about the plants and wildlife that you see along the way. Firesides, which tend to be reverent in nature, do usually feature mixers and social afterward. Conferences offer a variety of workshops, luncheons and activities, and dances are usually held at least once a month.

Invite a date to any one of these activities to get to know that person better as well as setting the tone for the relationship, all while learning more about your religion. An interesting and spiritual date would be to invite the person to attend the temple with you. While only worthy members of the Church over the age of twelve are able to go inside the temple, anyone can go to visit the grounds, which are always beautifully landscaped with lush gardens.

It's a beautiful place to sit and talk. There are also historical temples that are interesting to visit for the architecture and history. If you and your date are able to attend a temple, you could attend a session inside, and eat at the temple cafeteria for an interesting and spiritual date to cement your relationship through faith.

Because Mormons are generally very pure in their intents when it comes to dating, many teens and young adults choose to go on group dates so as not to continually be alone with members of the opposite sex. Group dates can be silly and fun. A picture scavenger hunt in teams could be a good way to incorporate a large group.

Wholesome activities like mini-golfing or bowling are also favorites. Heading off to tourist destinations like Mormon history sites, museums and visitor's centers are a good way to accommodate a large group of people. Keeping your date with a large group of people helps to temper the temptation that may occur when you're one on one with someone of the opposite sex.

Mormon dating ideas should always be entertaining, but clean.

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We were doing stuff together. Their solution is quarter night at the Cheap Seats discount theater—"two tickets, a large popcorn, and a goodie bag all for 25 cents. The possibilities are endless. Watching a movie on the big screen can be exciting. Make a tent out of blankets, watch a movie, and sleep on an air mattress. Make homemade pizzas together. Make sculptures out of play dough, paint rocks, decorate or tie-dye shirts, or finger paint.
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