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Colorful macaroons and delicious chocolates fill The French address strangers by their last name until the acquaintance becomes more familiar. Single women travelers should take the paris escorted vacation precautions in France that they would elsewhere: And when it comes to Paris? We like paris escorted vacation very small groups, small hotels, using public transport and even when you are on his tour half the day you hawaii gay male escort on your own. Book the trip when you are satisfied.
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However, the rating system does not take into account subjective criteria like a welcoming staff or the style of decor. In France, there are many smaller hotels in charming historic buildings. Whatever your criteria and travel preferences, your Zicasso agent will help you to select the hotels that suit you best for each location on your trip. Most non-European Union nationals require a visa for a tourist stay of 90 days or more.

If you plan to stay longer than 90 days, you will need to submit a short-stay visa application at a French Consulate or Embassy before your arrival in France. There are no health precautions for visiting France. The Center for Disease Control recommends that you are up to date on routine vaccines and your yearly flu shot. You should still consider travel health insurance, to cover the costs in the rare chance of a serious medical emergency.

Before your trip, you should also check to see if your health insurance plan will cover any medical costs incurred while traveling overseas. Although France is a very safe country, you should take precautions as with any travel experience. Be aware of pickpockets, especially in big cities like Paris and Marseille. Keep your passport and cash in a secure place such as a hotel safe or by wearing a money-belt.

Always bring copies of credit card information, so that you can contact your credit card company in the case of theft. Before your trip, be sure to get travel insurance that covers theft and lost baggage. Single women sometimes experience the culture shock of forward French men when traveling alone in France. Usually this is a mere inconvenience rather than a safety threat.

Single women travelers should take the same precautions in France that they would elsewhere: France is a country steeped in customs and the tradition of good manners. Although manners today are less codified, they are generally more formal in France than in America.

The French also tend to speak at a lower volume than Americans — and you will fit in better if you lower the decibel level of your voice. The French address strangers by their last name until the acquaintance becomes more familiar. Whenever you use these expressions of politesse, you will be met with appreciation and politeness. The French language is also a matter of national pride, and France has enforced the use of the French language by law. The government added an article to the constitution in , stating: In addition, France has several regional languages: The Basque country proudly retains its language and culture; about a third of the local population is bilingual.

Schools teach both Basque and French, and road signs are written in Basque as well as French. Except in small towns, in rural areas and among the older generation, most French people speak English reasonably well.

The younger generation is often fluent in English and enjoys American movies and music. As a visitor, it is not necessary to speak French: English is widely spoken at tourist locations. However, you will enjoy a much warmer reception if you attempt a few basic French phrases. Including a tip is optional. Most French customers either do not leave a tip or they leave spare change. In French stores, the prices that you see are not negotiable and it is not considered good form to bargain.

Your trip will be carefully crafted to ensure hassle-free logistics and the selection of the perfect accommodation arrangements. To personalize and improve your website experience this site uses cookies. Skip to main content. Book the trip when you are satisfied. Sample Itineraries You can have any trip tailor-made for your private travel. Best of Paris Tour in a Week. Paris emits the pleasures of art, fashion, food, and literature, sweeping across the architecture and cobblestone streets.

Impressionist paintings decorate the galleries of famous This is a customizable tour. It's simply a starting point for inspiration and ideas. Each trip is personalized uniquely for you, based on what you want, for your private travel. Southwest of France Luxury Tour: On this customized Southwest of Romantic France Getaway Tour: Paris, South of France, More.

Breathtaking South of France Tour. Follow in the footsteps of van Gogh, Dali, Cezanne, and Toulouse-Lautrec, and celebrate the splendor of the finest attractions of France on your day South of France tour Family-Friendly Tour of England and France. Take the children down the paths of royals during your personalized family-friendly tour of London and Paris.

Bring history to life at the Tower of London and stroll through the Treasures of France Tour: If Europe were a collection of art and culture, France would be its premier exhibit. The museums of Paris display masterworks of Western Civilization that inspire Parisians and Secrets of French Gourmet Tour: A Treasured Culinary Journey. Sample tradition and discover majesty during your cruise down the Rhone River in search of the decadent soul of French cuisine. Colorful macaroons and delicious chocolates fill London, Amsterdam, Paris Tour.

Classic European cities can conjure images of strong castles and historic ramparts. Vibrant paintings hang on museum walls and display textured masterpieces created by Best of France Tour in 2 Weeks: The aroma of lavender sweeps across the hillside. Lily pads blossom with graceful petals reflecting in the tranquil pond.

A lingering taste of cocoa coats your tongue as you look The scent of lavender carries from the countryside. Romance often feels like a dream, accompanied by castles and knights, enchanting boat rides down a river strung with light, surrounded by fields of flowers and secluded garden A Perfect France Tour for Families. France is filled with a world of wonder that will inspire the entire family on your custom tailored France Tour for families.

The gargoyles of Notre Dame de Paris decorate the Romantic Getaway to the Alps Tour. The mountains are a majestic setting, home to fairytales inspired by prairies and peaks. Villages cast charming spells, and panoramic views of the landscape can take your breath Let nature and culture guide you through the beautiful Bordeaux wine country.

Boundless green vineyards, the gently rushing Dordogne River and quaint medieval villages provide an Gardens of France Tour: Versailles, Loire Valley, Paris.

The grandeur of greenery and the luxuries materialized by imaginative focus have graced Paris, Versailles, and the Loire Valley with gardens that have captivated visitors for A Private France Food Tour: From Paris to South of France. Discover the food-lover inside of you during your culinary exploration of the iconic gastronomy of France. Relax in stunning chateaus that overlook emerald vines and rolling hills Wonders of Provence Tour: Food and art are forms of expression in Southern France, inspired by the remarkable landscape and history spanning thousands of years.

Your custom tailored Provence tour follows Battle Sites of France Tour: Notice a unique engineering design decorating a garden and Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne Tour: The pleasures of wine, cuisine, and history in Champagne, Alsace, and Burgundy are sure to seduce you. France Tourisme provides original discovery walking tours to see the best of Paris. Our commented walking tours will allow you to go into the history and monuments of Paris. A very new concept to visit Paris! Visit Paris by double-decker bus totally revisited with translucent roof Enjoy this new concept to discover Paris in winter or in summer in a revolutionnary bus Discover Paris, city of lights, and its most beautifull monuments.

Paris is shining at nightfall. Every night, visit Paris by night by double-decker bus with open roof with individual audio guides in 9 languages.

We propose a real trip through Paris during half-day. Away from cars , you will sneak behind your guide to discover the most famous sights of paris, also unknown and unsuspected places. Discover the original sightseeing tour of Paris with the Big Bus Tour in open top double decker bus. The travel pass is valid 2 consecutive days and so you can visit Paris as you wish. France Tourisme invites you to discover Paris with Discovery Pass offers 1, 3 or 5 days. The Discovery Pass includes the must see visits in Paris: By double-decker bus, by boat, the Louvre museum or more than 60 museums following options.

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Versailles, Loire Valley, Paris. The French language is also a matter of national pride, and France has enforced the use of the French language by law. Wonders of Provence Tour: Usually this is a mere inconvenience rather than a safety threat. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. By double-decker bus, by boat, the Louvre museum or more than 60 museums following options.
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